What We Do

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Reinventing marketing is for the direct marketer seeking guidance in the evolving world of online marketing.  As your strategist, MarketingINSIDER will weave in how to identify a unique setting proposition to position or reposition your products and services using online and offline marketing approaches and sales techniques.  Integration of email marketing, websites, content marketing,  video marketing, and even retargeting are key ingredients to a successful marketing campaign.  Creating territorial conversations on social media will help build a community of likeminded individuals that will become your brand advocates.

Digital Solutions

  • Website development and hosting
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Explainer Video
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Marketing
  • Content Marketing

Public Relations

  • Copywriting
  • Radio Interview
  • TV Interview
  • Press Releases
  • Affiliation Marketing
  • Decision Marketing (Election Season)

DECISION MARKETING is based on the "BrandMe" marketing strategy that brought in an avalanche of votes in favor of U.S. President Barack Obama in 2009.

 To promote a candidate as a Brand, cross media marketing is applied, wherein we strike a balance of traditional, OOH and social media marketing methods. In traditional media the use of radio, and print media targets the sense of hearing and sight, and the non- traditional in the form of social media and on-ground activities to fulfill all of the senses. For offline activities, strong relationship with colleges and universities matter, this is where we lead!

Social Listening plays a big role in Decision Marketing.  It is the process of monitoring, identifying and assessing conversations in the digital space to understand what voters are saying about both the desirable and undesirable candidates. Well organized content can make or break a candidate.

 OOH and Visual Merchandising

  • Innovative Out-of-Home
  • Retail and other Visual Merchandising
  • Creative Production

MarketingINSIDER is an Associate Partner of JKJ Media Services, Inc.  JKJ is one of the largest out-of-home media companies in the Philippines.‚Äč Its portfolio includes photographic displays primarily located in the most iconic and high-traffic locations throughout the 45 largest markets in the country. Founded in 1992, JKJ;s growth is based on highest standards of quality, safety and personalized service.

Marketing Events and Media Production

  • Marketing Events + Social Media Marketing
  • Radio and TV Ads Production
  • Brand activation 

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