JKJ Media Services, Inc.


JKJ MEDIA is one of the largest out-of-home media companies in the Philippines.​ Our portfolio includes photographic displays primarily located in the most iconic and high-traffic locations throughout the 45 largest markets in the country. JKJ is the outdoor advertising partner of choice for major consumer brands and corporate accounts.  The scope and depth of our presence provides advertisers with the ability to engage with both mass and targeted audiences at many touchpoints day in and day out. 

JKJ Billboards stand for Innovation and Safety,  World-class Quality,  High Visibility and Customer Satisfaction.

Cyber Optimus Philippines, Inc.


Optimizing your business prominence in cyberspace

The information age that we now find ourselves in has definitely brought with it a lot of changes. Progresses made in the field of information and communication technology (ICT) have tremendously altered the way we live our daily lives: the way we think, the way we work, the way we communicate and even our recreational fares have been largely affected. Current trends in ICT even show that these changes are not about to slow down but rather pick up a more rapid pace that will inevitably push us to a radically new sense of global awareness and interconnectivity.

These sweeping changes affect practically every aspect of our lives and the corporate milieu has not been exempted. In the global business arena, the new technologies will inevitably be found being used by companies to optimize management of their corporate agenda. As competitiveness in an ever-shrinking global market becomes more elusive in the face of emerging challenges, the need for establishing effective ICT infrastructures becomes imperative.

It is against this backdrop of challenges that Cyber Optimus Philippines was formed. Armed with the experience and expertise of its founders in the field of ICT, Cyber Optimus is positioning itself to become a competent and reliable provider of cyberproducts and cyberservices.

"We commit ourselves to empowering the Filipino entrepreneurs through technology. Working hand-in-hand with our clients, we deliver cost-effective solutions that harness the power of mobile and Internet applications to propel their businesses to greater heights of efficiency and productivity."


Safesoft Solutions Philippines, Inc.


Safesoft Philippines, Inc.  is an IT /  Telco  / BPO consulting outfit composed of customer centric veteran executives  from these various verticals. Leveraging on the advent of "the  cloud" and other  disruptive technologies, SSPIs helps organizations improve their operations and achieve profitability.  

SSPI's goal is to develop a partnership where customers can count on reliable systems that are Innovative, Integrated and Collaborative of various technologies and environment. Key focus is its relationship with the client and provide solutions to meet the needs of today and the future. SSPI always begin its conversations on current problems, then it transitions you to your future.

SSPI is a company that believes and lives by people empowerment and respect for its customer's time and business goals.


The Artistshop Company, Inc.


Established in 1984. 

Started as a Design Studio - specializing on pharmaceutical accounts.

On several Clients' prodding, grew up as an Advertising Agency without turning its back from being a Graphic Design Studio still. Thus, the identification Advertising DESIGN Agency. 

Practically, your one-stop shop via its sister/affiliated companies with various products/services and local area partnership program across the country set up through the years. 

Top multinational advertising agencies use TBPI/ARTISTSHOP extensively through strategic alliances and partnership agreements.



Visual Color, Inc.


Visual Color is a member of the Printing Industries Association of the Philippines.  Founded in 1971, Visual Color was my second home during my stint with Smart Communications as supervisor for merchandising. 

Visual Color is your one-stop-shop for graphic designs and printing needs.  They are one of the pioneers in digital printing.  They have contributed largely in the introduction of large format printing, life-sized standees, photowalls, and all sorts of retail merchandising. 

Personalized service is their ticket to multinational accounts.  They have helped build brands such as Smart Communications, RAMCAR Group, ARC Refreshment Corporation, Solaire Resorts and Casino, Philippine Seven Corporation, Marubeni Philippines, Goodyear Container Corp., Philippine Carabao Center, Food & Nutrition Research Institute, CBN Asia, Philvolcs and National Nutrition Council.

As your MarketingINSIDER, I will be honored to serve your printing needs together with Visual Color, Inc.